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    Are you searching for a firm that will treat you like you matter? A firm that will always focus on your unique needs? You’ve found it. We are expansive enough to offer a wide range of high-tier services, yet small-scale enough to pay you the full attention you deserve. Whatever you’re in need of, whether it be income tax preparation, quality planning assistance or services for a small business, we’ll handle your situation like the 100% unique challenge it is. Our team will diligently study your requirements and come to a solution purpose-built for your specific needs.

    Tax Refund Solution

    Tax Money Time

    In January and February, tax season is really tax refund season or tax money time! At Americ Tax, it is our goal to bring you the best tax money products and options every year. We know you want the Biggest & Fastest Refund allowed by the IRS. With our Easy Advance (up to $6,000) and our “File Today, Pay Later” solution you’ll be glad you chose Americ Tax this year.

    Refund Disbursement Options

    When you choose our “File Today, Pay Later” option, not only do you get the peace of mind know that we don’t stop working on your behalf until your tax refund is released by the IRS, but you also get the option of how you want your tax refund disbursed to you. Select between the convenience of picking up a check at our tax office, a direct deposit into your checking account or a Visa prepaid card.

    Easy Advance

    Beginning in January, you can get an instant tax refund advance up to $6,000 at Americ Tax Service. Yes that’s right; tax refund loans are available this year beginning January 2nd! With the IRS announcing they will be holding tax refunds of early tax return filers who have children until February 15th or later, you may need this money now.

    Apply Now! Get an Easy Advance up to $6,000 beginning January 2nd, when you choose Americ Tax Service to prepare and file your income tax return. That’s right, get an Easy Advance up to $6,000 beginning January 2nd.

    Tax advance requests are approved or declined based on prior year tax refund history and information on your current year tax return.

    Money is typically available within 24 hours or less. Easy Advance loans are available beginning January 2nd.

    Check Cashing Options

    If you choose to pick up your check at an Americ Tax office, you can take advantage of affordable and convenient check cashing options. Considerable resources have been invested in developing and maintaining these relationships over the years, so that you, our client, have the best available options to turn your check into cash.

    File Today, Pay Later

    At Americ Tax Service you can file your tax return today and pay later. We call this our “File Today, Pay Later” option. How can we do this you ask? When you file your taxes, we can deduct your fees from your tax refund. When you select this “File Today, Pay Later” option, we don’t stop working on your behalf until your tax refund gets released by the IRS.

    Pay Stub Estimates

    Step 1: Receive $50 CASH for Tax Return Estimate using Paystub or W-2

    Bring your Paystub or W-2 when you receive it to any Americ Tax Service location. We will estimate your tax refund. If you qualify, you will receive $50 cash instantly!

    Step 2: Apply for a Easy Advance* up to $6,000

    Once you have all your W-2s and other tax stuff and you’re ready to file your tax return, you may apply and qualify for a Easy Advance* up to $6,000 in as little as 24 hours!

    Step 3: Receive the Remaining Balance of Your Tax Refund

    Most refunds come back in 7 to 10 days and could take as long as 21 days depending upon when the IRS actually release your tax refund.

    That’s right, take home up to $6,050 of your tax refund in less than 24 hours when you file your taxes at Americ Tax!


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