Immigration Support Services

We offer a range of immigration support services including:

  • Renewal or replacement of green cards

  • Petitions for family visas

  • Citizenship applications

  • Assistance with petitions for alien fiancé requests

  • Support in drafting an affidavit of support

  • Fee waiver preparation (if you qualify)

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Liability Disclaimer

We are not a registered law firm. Nor are we acting as an attorney, and our services are not a valid substitute for the advice of a certified attorney. Accordingly, we will not be able to answer any legal questions or queries you may have. Our services extend only to providing self-help assistance at your explicit request.

Our team does not have permission to practice law. This means that we are unable to provide you with any sort of advice, opinion, direction or guidance as it pertains to your legal rights, choices, strategies, defenses or any potential recourse. Furthermore, we are not able to predict the result of any proceedings and have no responsibility to ensure that your documentation is adequate in a legal context. We are neither affiliated with or endorsed by the government, nor any agency working on behalf of the government. You will be expected to pay any necessary government filing fees in addition to our service fees. All forms can be completed online for free at the USCIS website, with written instructions included